Figures from the economical standing in the western world continue being depressive. The estimates of the pick-up have been delayed quarter after quarter. Industrial production dived last year 12% in the OECD countries, 15% in the Euro zone, and 21% in Finland. The employment figures are record low: in June 2010 unemployment rate was 10% in the euro zone while it was 9% in June 2009. Crisis packages launched nationally and on the European level haven't shown their impact yet.

Western competiveness, is depending on the only truly renewable natural resource - human capital. Our knowhow is multi-discipline and research-driven; excellence is highly valued.


  1. Growth companies posses the true growth potential, yet growth is the greatest challenge to most European micro and small enterprises.

  2. The sources of  innovation can be traced outside of companies, moreover the external research is only the fifth source according to the latest studies. How to adapt to open innovation and to manage openness as an opportunity.

  3. The innovator is seldom the best to capitalise his/her idea: a) it is difficult to stay objective to your own baby, b) it is rare to possess all the skills that are needed for business success, especially for rapid growth.

  4. Global market requires global approach - how to manage distributed teams?